Sunday, December 12, 2010

Classic or tacky - what describes your Christmas decorating?

Some people like a classic, or traditional, look when decorating for Christmas. Others like loud and tacky. Count me in the tacky camp.

Maybe I'm too much like a kid still, easily distracted and amazed by variety and animation. Or maybe it's just easier to be tacky than classy, so why not throw everything out on the lawn and call it art?

I've got a wild mixture on my lawn which could almost be described as a showroom for different types of Christmas lights and decorations on the market: Gemmy Lightshow strings, Emerald candy cane arches, Puleo Santa Claus and Snowmen animated greeters and much more.

For those who want bright, eye-catching, assault-on-the-senses decorating, the photo above is a salute to the original: Snoopy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gemmy blog

If you're serious about outdoor Christmas decorating, you've got some items from Gemmy Industries. Looking for tips or ideas? Gemmy has a blog you will want to check out.

Christmas Lightmare 2010 - The Movie

This is a quick movie (filmed my iPhone) of my 2010 Christmas lights display. It's my first attempt at a serious Christmas lights show. I'm using the Snoopy philosophy of "more is more and louder and brighter is better," a la Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Using a Gemmy Lightshow unit to make spiral light trees (homemade) dance. The Puleo Santa motion-detector greeters cap it off.